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About World Steward

World Steward believes that a wholesome and secure society depends upon inspired, educated and caring individuals. We are encouraged by the constructive influence on the habit and attitude of young people that comes from positive encounters with the natural world.

We support an individualized-inquiry approach to learning about nature, and believe that practical hands-on experiential learning can have a profound positive influence both on the individual, and how our society stewards resources for future generations.

World Steward manages a biodiversity reserve and learning center called Highland overlooking the heart of the Columbia Gorge to support these goals and values.   We see our mission having three “legs”: 

1. To teach & practice sustainable resource management as a partnership with future generations

2. To protect and manage a working farm & forest retreat for experiential learning in sustaining
stewardship, and for the study and conservation of biodiversity and healthy ecosystems.

3. To provide a safe environment for hands-on learning thru college internships, business and
organizational retreats, work-study activities about renewable energy, sustainable farming
& forestry, wholesome cooking & food preservation, craft, music, theater and the arts.

Current Goals

  1. Complete the Highland Center for the Art and Science of Sustainable Culture in the heart of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, Washington, USA.
  2. Build facilities and preserve an endangered and delicate rain forest in Cosa Rica (look for more information soon).
  3. With the Eden Project, help fund our goals with a unique method we call bigSmall...bigSmall FAQ»
  4. Bring the concepts of Intergenerational Finance to a wider audience.

A Short History of World Steward

A brief synopsis of the work and activities of founder and CEO Hank Patton, his work in the Little White Salmon Watershed in the Columbia Gorge, Washington. More»

World Steward Advisors and Supporters

Through the years, World Steward has had many partners and science advisors, from the private sector and public institutions, which have helped shape our present and future plans. More»

Past Events and Activities at Cold Spring and Highland Center

From painting to planting, we have had a wide variety of activities and workshops. More»



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