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Past Events and Workshops

March, 2013

Saturdays and Sundays - Dates: March 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, 23-24, 30-31

Mondays and Tuesdays - Dates: March 4-5, 11-12, 18-19, 25-26

Neighborwood Days: Earn Your Firewood!
Lunches available, scheduled in advance.
7 hours of real work!
Families welcome.

Join a crew of forest stewards improving habitat for the white oak, and reducing fuel loads in the Little White Salmon Biodiversity Reserve.

E-mail contact: secretary at worldsteward.org


February, 2013


Saturdays and Sundays - Dates: February 16-17; 23-24

Mondays and Tuesdays - Dates: February 18-19; 25-26

Neighborwood Days: Earn Your Firewood!
Lunches available, scheduled in advance.
7 hours of real work!
Families welcome.

Join a crew of forest stewards improving habitat for the white oak, and reducing fuel loads in the Little White Salmon Biodiversity Reserve.

E-mail contact: secretary at worldsteward.org

February 15, 16 and 17

Words in the Woods
A women's literacy project brought to you by World Steward and Highland Center of the Art and Science of Sustaining Culture
6 p.m. Friday the 15th through the Afternoon of Sunday the 17th
Location:101 Highland Orchards Road, Underwood WA 98651
Cost: $225.00

"In reading great literature I become a thousand men, but yet remain myself. I see with myriad eyes, but it is still I who see. I transcend myself and am never more myself when I do." C.S. Lewis

Who are we, but one speck in the universe of those who have died, those who live, and those who are to be born? Come join us February 15-17 for a unique women's writing workshop in a beautiful farm setting. Words in the Woods is a time of retreat and reflection on our day to day lives and our relationships with others and the world around us. Using guided discussions and basic writing technique, the participants will engage with one another in the somewhat forgotten ceremonies of conversation, debate, reading, and writing. Through encompassing the literary process with stimulating work in the forest/farm environment, women will discover the wisdom that comes from the responsible interaction of human beings with nature.

With the aid of timeless literature and great thinkers of the past, this weekend hopes to impress upon the individual the importance of reflecting on our lives, sharing our experiences with others, and opening our hearts and minds to those who walk with us and those who have gone before us.

Workshop Details: Participants are encouraged to bring a short piece of their own writing, or a short work by their favorite author to be integrated into the discussions. In addition, there will be time set aside for literary creation and critique. The cost is $225.00, which includes lodging for two nights, beverages and snacks, three full course meals, a Sunday brunch, and a writing kit (you are welcome to bring your own laptop or digital device). Scholarships are available for those who wish to trade labor for cost.

Note: The course is designed for all levels of readers and writers, especially those who lack confidence in their ability to express themselves both verbally and in writing.

February 9-10

Neighborwood Days: Earn Your Firewood!
Lunches available, scheduled in advance.
7 hours of real work!
Families welcome.

Join a crew of forest stewards improving habitat for the white oak, and reducing fuel loads in the Little White Salmon Biodiversity Reserve.


October, 2011

October 19

PSU Sustainable Solutions Seminar
A business partnership with posterity: Creating an enhanced operating system for the world's economies
5:00–6:30 p.m.
Portland State University, Shattuck Hall Annex, 1914 SW Park Avenue (Annex at SW Hall and Broadway)
Free and open to the public.

Join us this Wednesday at Portland State University for a talk and panel with Hank Patton, the Chairman of World Steward. The lecture will be streamed live, and participants from the web are welcome to put questions to the panelists.

A truly healthy economy must provide adequate jobs, security and wellness to all people while at the same time protecting natural resources for current and future generations. PSU researchers are examining alternative solutions to enable economies to perform all these functions effectively and efficiently. One possible approach, called “intergenerational finance,” gives future generations the ability to partner with actors in today’s economy through trustees, long-term financing and markets based on scientifically developed metrics designed to assure greater and more equitable wealth creation while restoring natural systems. Hank Patton, the concept’s designer, will present the idea, and researchers will lead a discussion on it and other proposed solutions, like taxes, public trusts, regulation and cap and trade.

Download the background paper.

Stream the lecture live (5PM PST 19 October 2011).

October 29–30

Building the Dry Stone Wall
Two days $100, lunches and rock included.

Join old world craftsmen as the puzzle of wild native rock is resolved in walls that don’t fall down. The world’s largest jigsaw! Remember the weather, and serious gloves.

Contact: phil at worldsteward.org, or 509.538.2500

November, 2011

November 20

Composthermal Heating with Baled Hay
Cold Spring Farm
$50/adult plus $5/kids, lunch included.
Work-study scholarship available.
Limited to 12; participants take their project home.

A hands-on workshop building low cost warmframes.

Contact: nichole at worldsteward.org

November 25–26

Neighborwood Days: Earn Your Firewood!
Lunches available, scheduled in advance.
7 hours of real work!
Families welcome.

Join a crew of forest stewards improving habitat for the white oak, and reducing fuel loads in the Little White Salmon Biodiversity Reserve.

Contact: lwsbr at worldsteward.org

If you would like, please look at an overview of past events and educational workshops at Highland Center and Coldspring»

September, 2007

September 5 - 8

Audubon Expeditions Institute, a project of Lesley College, at Highland.

September 15 - 16

Private executive retreat and tutorial on Intergenerational Finance and Utility™ $500, includes meals and materials. Limited to ten participants.

September 22

Hands-on practicum Building dry stone walls. Learn and work in the old craft of building with stone. $100 for the day, including lunch and salmon dinner at the campfire. Bring your gloves!


October, 2007

October 2-4

International Life Cycle Assessment and Management 2007
'from measurement to investment'
Portland, Oregon

Hank Patton, Founder and President of World Steward will lead a panel discussion on Intergenerational Finance and Utility™. Intergenerational Finance™ (IGFTM) combines the security and scale of the investment bond market, with a multi sector transactional framework based on LCA, to open an unprecedented marketplace for long term consequences.

For more information and registration, please visit the InLCA-LCM 2007 website>

May, 2010

May 24-28

The Portland Waldorf School will be coming out for it's fourth Farm Practicum Week this May 24th-28th. WS is one of the few farms in the NW who host the 9th graders for an experience intended to be a practical immersion that awakens their will to work for healing and tending the earth. Each year four or five students integrate into our farm and work as needed with spring planting, weeding, tending live stock, to working on oak enhancement in the forests surrounding the agricultural land. We provide a full workday of about 6 hours with breaks for rest, eating, and personal needs.

Other Events

Permaculture Design: Certification Course at World Steward's
Highland Farm

Join us for a two-week intensive design course facilitated by Toby Hemenway and Jude Hobbs at Highland Farm.

Permaculture is a whole-systems method of design that organizes ideas, strategies, and techniques from agriculture, appropriate technology, natural building, economics, and other disciplines into a pattern of mutually supportive relationships. By using principles from nature to thoughtfully integrate land, water, plants, people, animals, shelter, technologies, and community. Permaculture lets us design sustainable places to live.

WHERE: Across from Hood River in Underwood Washington. Located in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge in the inspirational complexity of both east and west Cascade ecosystems, Highland Farm is dedicated to landscape based education for a sustainable culture.

COST: $1,400 includes local organic farm-fresh meals, covered camping, workshops and course materials, and a subscription to the Permaculture Activist. Certification is available upon completion of the two-week course.

Generous Scholarships are available to those interested in doing work exchange.

Check out the web sites:


For PDF flyer, click here>

Amory Lovins

Physicist, inventor of the hydrogen Hypercar, CEO of the Rocky Mountain Institute, co–author of the bestseller Natural Capitalism and released this month: Small is Profitable.>

Join us for a dialogue on strategies for building a sustainable Northwest!

Great Barn Restoration at Highland

Landscape Painting Demonstration
by Alice Wanke Stephens

Alice will paint "a plein air", or outdoor landscape of the Highland Center site. She'll discuss her techniques and unveil last year's painting of Cold Spring Farm. Children love to participate in this exhibition so bring along paints, papers and brushes if you like. Alice's exhibit, "Lewis & Clark Encampments & Sightings: Paintings of the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area was featured last year at the World Forestry Center.


World Steward Summer Gathering
Celebrate the Solstice with Us at Cold Spring Farm

Walk in the Woods, with Russell Jolly, the Northwest's authority on wildflowers, Picnic lunch, watercolor landscape demonstration with Alice Wanke Stephens, stay overnight at Highland Farm.

Catlin Gabel Summer Program
Leaves in the Fir Grove: Nature, Writing & Clay Art

A collaborative exploration with Catlin Gabel School in Portland, Oregon and World Steward. Explore creative writing, original art created from "found materials", An overnight to World Steward's Highland Farm. For Completed grades 5–7

Masters in Wood Series –Lecture/Concert #2

World renowned classical guitar maker Jeffrey Elliott, harpsichord maker and harpsichordist Byron John Will and master guitarist Bryan Johanson return to World Steward/Highland to share their life work and music making.

A discussion of the critical importance of teaching and sharing their skills and discoveries with others, and the role of World Steward's ambitious Woodworking School Project will also be presented.

Annual Naturalist Hike

Identify the variety of species found in one of the richest wildlife habitats in the Pacific Northwest. This year's focus will be on insects. Please bring camera, pen & notebook, or colored pencils and sketchpad to help us inventory our native diversity. The habit of noting the species attends one of the critical components of sustainable practice which fulfills World Steward's essential mission. Wear hiking shoes and long pants to avoid the poison oak.

Have your school or business sponsor your tally of species and contribute to our sustainability project through donations to World Steward.

Picnic Lunch by the Herb Garden

Bring a picnic lunch or join us for an organic greens fresh farm salad, local Loafers‚ bread, cheese, and Cold Spring honey mint lemonade or iced tea.

Please sign up for a local organic lunch from our "food not lawns" kitchen
garden, serving you as well as Skamania Lodge. Price- $10

It's a Breeze -World Steward Welcomes Northwest SEED

Enjoy dinner discussion and walk on the site of the Highland’s proposed Wind Hydrogen Small Turbine Array. Savor salmon broiled on cherry wood with local brew and a world class organic salad as we enjoy and discuss one of the most dramatic wind turbine locations in the West, and a proposed center for applied stewardship and sustainable watershed management.

$25.00 Donation for Dinner
Activities start at 6:00 PM, Dinner at 7:00 PM

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